The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants from your dentist in Woodside, NY, can save your smile.

How much do you know about the benefits of dental implants? Did you know that they are the most successful surgical implant? That’s right! In fact, they have a success rate of over 95 percent, according to the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. You deserve to enjoy the success of dental implants too!

Dr. Hemali Ajmera of Ajmera Dentistry in Woodside, NY, offers comprehensive dental care, including dental implants to save your smile.

In addition to outstanding success, there are other important benefits dental implants provide including:

  • Looking very natural because dental implant crowns are made of high-grade dental ceramic or porcelain, which closely resembles natural tooth enamel. The material is also stain-resistant, so your dental implants will stay bright and beautiful for years.
  • Helping you look younger because they conserve the bone in your jaw. When you have more bone, you have a firmer jawline, with less facial sagging.
  • They are completely stable because the dental implant screw is surrounded and locked in by bone. Your dental implants will never move around, giving you the confidence you need when chewing or speaking.
  • They are very convenient because you never have to take them out. They are a permanent part of your smile which you simply brush and floss just like your natural teeth.

Your dental implant treatment begins when the dental implant screw is placed in your jaw, during minor surgery. As the area heals, the bone will fill in and fuse with the dental implant screw, locking it in place. When the area has healed completely, a beautiful dental implant crown is placed on the dental implant screw, giving you a new "tooth" that will last for decades.

Dental implants can give you a strong and beautiful smile. To learn more about dental implants and the dental implant process, call Dr. Ajmera of Ajmera Dentistry in Woodside, NY, at (718) 424-6201 today and complete your smile!